“All my brothers love my mom's cooking so much that they don't even sneak it to me under the table. They never even spill a bite!"

— Ozzie the dog



"Ali recently taught a cooking class to a small group of us where the focus was nutritious, easy to prepare, and delicious meals and snacks for our families. She did an excellent job of creating a menu that perfectly balanced all of these components and so much more! We left the class armed with not only a bunch of amazing new recipes and cooking techniques, but an immense amount of knowledge and education on healthy eating and nutrition. Her teaching style is approachable, fun, and very hands on - whether you're a beginner or a more seasoned chef you will leave with a newfound confidence in your cooking skills! She also does a fantastic job of explaining the specific benefits of various ingredients; aways relating it back to your individual needs and goals. All of her recipes are a wonderful balance of nutrition and decadence; and her dedication to using minimally processed, nutritionally packed ingredients means you can tell the difference both in taste and in the way they make you feel. My friends and I were so impressed with the class we hired Ali to prepare meals for two of our friends during their early postpartum weeks - which she did with amazing success and care! I truly can't say enough about the high quality of Eighty Nutrition -- not just the food and recipes, but the whole experience with Ali -- it has been a game changer for our family!" — Ashley C., NY, NY


I have been blessed with physical, mental, and spiritual optimism, however, a few months back I realized that bouncing back from life's unexpected challenges was getting harder and harder. I felt weak, unhealthy, tired, and my outlook did not look as bright as it had once been. I am a fifty year-old full time mom to four wonderful children, and I have a full time job outside of the house, a high maintenance husband, and a large, loving extended family. Slowing down was not an option.  I happened across Ali and Eighty Nutrition (G-d works in mysterious ways), and instantly loved what she was saying about nutrition being a main source of strength, which affects the rest of your well being.  I gave her a call. I immediately realized that her vast knowledge of nutrition, health, and well being could really benefit me.  Ali worked around my crazy schedule, and in a blink of an eye, I had healthy, easy-to-follow menus, prep schedules, new ideas to keep my body fueled, ways to bring my family to their most healthy selves... all while keeping me calm, grounded and actually laughing when I would have been crying.  Ali helped with healthy ideas for my young daughters to eat on the run from soccer to dance, to school, to here, there and everywhere... even in airports!  I recently shared my blood work with Ali, and she actually helped me to understand the numbers (better then my physician) and even went that extra mile and recommended a doctor whom I love!  Ali is the sweetest, most gentle, smallest giant I have ever known!  Today, I feel stronger and healthier then I have felt in too long to remember.  I have the knowledge I need to continue a healthy lifestyle, I have the stamina to get through each day, and I feel happier! I can honestly not be more thankful to Ali for helping me learn how to be healthy, active, and no longer as overwhelmed as I have felt in the past.  I just joined the monthly recipe club and look forward to a bright future filled with good health, family, friends, and Eighty Nutrition! — Shannan B., Manalapan, NJ


"My experience with Ali and Eighty Nutrition has been eye opening and above all, motivating. I decided to do a 30-Day program with her and I learned so much. She’s very knowledgeable and can explain things in layman’s terms.  I had already been batch cooking, but I realize now that I didn’t have a lot of direction or a plan when doing so. Ali would help map out once a week not only my shopping lists and recipes, but would actually give me a weekly list that had my daily “to-dos” of what prep work I was doing on which days (even reminders “don’t forget your lunch” and “prep marinade for tomorrow’s dinner”). The recipes are so delicious, and the best part was freezing any extra in easy single serving containers. I learned the value of stockpiling because you will have weeks that you can’t dedicate as much time to cooking. And nothing is better than grabbing one of those containers on the way to work and knowing it is delicious and good for you!  The best part of the entire journey was having Ali here every step of the way. She’s always available whether you are at the grocery store trying to figure out the best nut butter (even gave some great vodka recommendations!) or going out for dinner and need help on what to order. It’s like having your own nutrition concierge at your fingertips. She gently encouraged me every day with just a simple question:  What is your plan for exercise today?  I had been on a hiatus and not very motivated to get back into working out. Thanks to her daily texts, I took the first step and got myself back in the gym. It’s been almost five months and I am proud to say I work out 5-6 days a week now. I feel so strong!  I just can’t say enough good things. It was worth the investment. Now it is up to me to take all the tools and the knowledge and apply it every day!  Thank you, Ali!" — Chrissy K., Hoboken, NJ




"I recently finished a reset month with Ali and her commitment to her clients is second to none! She motivated and kept me on track. While I lost weight, I gained far more in portion control and creating menus that work for a family! If you are considering "getting healthy" or making a change, contact Ali!  She is simply the best and gives you the tools to make a change for the better." — MaryBeth J., Fair Haven, NJ 


"What a 2 weeks!! I’ve learned so much about improving my eating habits and actually enjoyed eating healthier. I’m hoping that I’ll think twice before binging on Halloween candy.  I think I’ll be able to get my family to eat healthier too and will definitely use some of the new recipes again. It’s been a great experience - thank you so much Eighty Nutrition!" — Danielle L, Fair Haven, NJ


"Feeling awesome after this two-week cleanse!  I’m down a solid 9 lbs.  My cravings are gone, my jeans are loose, and my face looks thinner!" — Karen P, Murrieta, CA


"Ali is amazingly knowledgeable and supportive. She crafts a meal plan tailored to your specific needs and preferences and is readily available for questions and concerns. She coaches you in building lasting habits to improve your health and obtain your goals, with the focus on making sustainable lifestyle changes and emphasizing personal responsibility and accountability to make good choices. This is by far the longest I've ever been successful at sustaining lifestyle changes (2.5 months post-meal plan with Ali) and she still checks in to see how I'm doing. I lost 10 lbs and many inches in a month while doing the 30 day Reset, and have lost another 10 lbs continuing to implement what I learned since then. And the food is delicious! I highly recommend Eat Eighty!" — Sylvia C., San Diego, CA


"In May, I hired Alison to help me navigate my way back to health. In 2010, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and since then I have been in and out of the hospital, had major fatigue, bleeding, and pain. I had gotten to a point in my life that I thought this was just my new normal.  After just 1 month, the bleeding, pain, and fatigue were all gone. Alison guided me the whole way and empowered me to take back my life. She outlines exactly what your plan is and gives you the tools you need to succeed. The best part is that she truly cares about you and your health. I have not felt this good in many years and with Alison's assistance my life has been changed for the better." — Andrea L., Colts Neck, NJ


"As I've said many times, Ali has the absolute right combination of healthy and simple foods with a perfect blend of herbs and spices. Because she is a certified chef and nutritionist, you have got it all in this plan - everything is scrumptious!  I love not only how easy the crock pot recipes are, but also delicious.  I am totally obsessed with the salads on the menus, Eighty Nutrition. Each one is better than the next. My two favorites are the Apple, Celery & Beet Salad and the Mediterranean Chopped Salad! YUMMY! The snacks, such as the good luck spinach muffins and cherry chocolate balls, are delish." — Danielle P., Fair Haven, NJ



“When you don't make the right choices with food, you feel like a failure. Working with Ali really helped me gain control over what was keeping me from making good eating choices. She's an empathetic and encouraging person with a great deal of knowledge about nutrition. She got me out of a rut of mindless eating. As Ali says, ‘Not all calories are the same!’ I've learned how to eat to stay full longer and to make some simple swaps which allow me to eat the foods I most enjoy.” — Vicki R., NY, NY


"Eighty is nutrition that makes sense. Ali uses her vast knowledge to break it all down and make it as easy as possible to reach your goals. I am a prime example of a person who falls for every health fad in my quest to heal myself from autoimmune disfunction.  Even though I always tried to ‘eat clean,’ I didn't realize until I met Ali that some of the ‘healthy foods’ I ate every day were actually exacerbating my illness and making it worse.  Ali didn't just tell me what to eat; she explained the science behind why it's best for my personal health to eat a certain way. Together we worked through my meal plans, and Ali supported me every step of the way until I was capable of doing it completely on my own.  Eighty gave me the tools, the resources and the confidence that I needed to make a drastic change in my health." — Jamie L., Middletown, NJ

"Ali's food is simple but not boring. With each health plan I tried before Eighty, I came away with the feeling that eating healthfully meant depriving myself of the foods I loved.  Eighty is the first nutrition plan I've been able to sustain for longer than two weeks, because I am both eating well and feeling well! I have learned that ‘eating for life’ means eating to nourish my body and adopting these patterns as a lifestyle so I can live a long and healthy one." — Anna M., Boulder, CO

“I am a working mum with two children and a husband who travels overseas for work a significant amount. I don't love to cook, so most of our meals come from carry out shops near my office that I pick up on my way home, or delivery from restaurants near our apartment. I met Ali quite by accident at a Kundalini yoga class, when I overheard her chatting to another woman about using food to help her body. It was a ‘presto!’ moment for me because everything Ali said resonated deeply with me and simply made so much sense. I had read all the popular fad diet and exercise books, but none of them broke it down the way Ali did, into foods that are nutritious and support health, and foods that do not. I realized that all my failed diet attempts had failed not because I was a failure but because they were unsustainable. Ali taught me to cook and actually enjoy it, a feat in itself, and that there are other ways to feed my children vegetables beside smothered in butter and cheese. Ali is such a lovely person to work with; she is patient, she does not judge, she is a wealth of information, she loves to eat, and her food tastes like it! Anybody who enlists Ali's help is in for a brilliant surprise!” — Tricia T., NY, NY

"I called Ali when my middle schooler daughter wanted to adopt a vegetarian diet. I was worried that she wouldn't have what she needed to stay healthy and continue growing.  Ali sat with us and explained the importance of combining certain foods to get the proper proteins and nutrients. She got through to my daughter in a way that I (as her mother) couldn't, and helped us with recipes. The fact that Ali had extensive experience as a vegetarian made both of us feel like we were in the right hands. Now my daughter eats well, loves certain foods that she would never have considered trying before meeting Ali, and I'm confident that she's eating the right things for her health." — Jennifer T., Miami, FL


“My mom was always a good cook but since she’s been doing the Eighty program, dinners have been really, really good. The rope vieja is my favorite!” — Scarlett H., Fair Haven, NJ


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“Ali's approach to food for wellness is life-changing! A few years ago, I had my thyroid removed and was told that I have underlying autoimmune issues that I should be mindful of and look for symptom flare-ups. With two young children, I was committed to living a healthy lifestyle, eating well and working out. However, life has a way of getting in the way of these plans. Before you know it, between my commute and crazed kid and personal social schedule, I had fallen off the wagon. I was tired all the time, eating on the go — whatever was quick. I gained 20 lbs in a year and even my ‘fat’ clothes weren’t fitting. I went to Ali for help. She sat with me and went over why food is 80% of our well-being and explained all the foods that are ‘bad’ for me (beyond the given pizza, ice cream, fried food, etc). She explained how foods I thought were healthy were enabling my autoimmune disease to take over — ergo, swelling, fatigue, restless legs, arthritis. Ali's ‘Eat For Life’ philosophy isn't a fad diet; it is a lifestyle. Changing habits is hard and can be scary, Ali was there to walk me through each step. She reached out to me daily to see how I was doing, and make sure I was enjoying the food and recipes she handcrafted for me. I have now learned how to cook for my body and my needs (and the kids love the food as well). She is supportive and wants to see you succeed. I can't thank her enough. People have recently been telling me what a glow my skin has now and how great I look. I have lost the bloat and feel good when I get up in the morning and I have energy all day long!  While the amount of change I needed to make was intimidating at first, she made me realize that I could do this!” — Christina S., Fair Haven, NJ



“Not only is Ali a nutritional expert, she is also mom and chef to our 4 boys. Just about every weekend — as we scamper between sporting events — the boys ask if we can stop for fast food or snacks with the promise ‘we won’t tell mom’ offered as protection for me. This ultimately leads to a conversation about eating healthy and using the good food we eat as fuel for the things we love to do, accompanied by a reminder that the healthy food mom made at home is the primary reason they won that soccer game! Now, we are not always able to toe the line, but the process of talking to our kids about healthy eating and its impact on their activities is vital to them growing up with a positive relationship with food. That’s what I believe Eighty is all about. It’s nutritional education that equips and empowers us to think about how we best power our bodies. If Ali can keep our four rascals on the right track, she can certainly assist the committed individual to do the same.” — Jason, Ali’s partner


“A brilliant-beyond competent-thorough-detailed-committed-engaged-supportive-patient-high achiever who will be a 100% active participant in your journey towards optimal health. Let’s disregard the fact that at 10 years old she convinced me that an apple would cancel out the calories of a cookie. – Courtnay, Ali’s little sister


“As Ali's mom and the person who has known her longest, I can attest to her lifelong love of food, health... and eating! There is almost no food on Earth that the girl won't try! We always joke that her appetite belongs to a person twice her size. Ali learned what works best for her body by experimenting on herself with nutrition plans. When Ali says she's familiar with almost every type of diet and nutrition plan, trust me, she's serious. Our family dinners are proof!” — Veronica, Ali’s mom





“I was so worried about my daughter’s nutrition and how I was going to feed her since I didn't want to buy processed food. She was so fussy and hated every baby food I made. Working with Ali was a game changer because the meals were simple and exactly what she liked but also healthy at the same time.” — Tia R. NY, NY







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